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Andrew Wade Student Capstone Project


The Andrew Wade Student Capstone Project will go on a hiatus from the summer of 2017. It will come back as a co-op / internship later this year.

Students will work with either an industry partner or an academic laboratory (e.g. UBC, SFU, BCIT) to do:
  • An analytical project utilizing VA techniques (e.g. answering questions about a particular dataset)
  • A UI development project utilizing VA techniques

Mentors will hold BIWEEKLY tutorial sessions (Current location: Skype, time: depends on everyone's availability).

Students will be assessed on a 1) 750-1500-word write-up, 2) a portfolio of artifacts, and 3) an oral presentation at the end of the term.

Students who successfully complete the capstone will earn the Certificate of Recognition in Visual Analytics.

Interested in Starting a Project?

  • Make sure to read the guidebook first.
  • Remember: You will need to pass both project & exam components of the Student Workshop Series to be eligible to work on a project.


  • Can I do the Andrew Wade student capstone with a project I'm already working on?
    You're welcome to do so, as long as you do something new for your capstone project.
  • Can I work on the Andrew Wade student capstone with a team mate?
    Yes, as long as you are clear on the division of labour.
  • Help! I don't know what projects are out there.
    Worry not - we have an ongoing list of projects that are taking on students / have taken on students in the past. Please contact studentcapstone {at} viva-viva.ca for details.
  • Who will assess my deliverables?
    You will have at least 2 judges - one student workshop series mentor, and one of the mentor alumni who currently works in industry as an analyst/manager (e.g. Boeing Canada, Visier, Cardinal Path, Engage Data).
  • So how do I register?
    Did you read the guidebook? It gives you steps on how to do it!
  • I am interested in having a student help analyze my data set as part of their capstone project.
    Excellent! Please contact studentcapstone {at} viva-viva.ca and we will send you details.